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Videos for Cyclists

The Amazing Way Bicycles Change You 17:18

Who, me? Us? Our town? What’s so good about riding a bicycle? In the TEDx Talk, Anthony Deznick of the Twin Cities offers stories and examples of the benefits of cycling for communities and individuals. For health, quality of life, saving money and stress, there’s much more to celebrate.

Bicycling for Life 12:01

Why ride a bicycle? Can cycling make you happier? Smarter? A better reader or student? Can it make you more peaceful and calm? Comparing the benefits of bicycle riding vs. cars and activities, Mark Martin describes how riding a bicycle can save your life.

Cycling Without Age: The Right to Feel the Wind in Your HairĀ 15:04

Meet Torkil and Ole Kassow in Denmark and see how sharing a ride in a”tri-shaw” can help both rider and passenger share something wonderful. People with disabilities or spending most of their time indoors now have a chance to get out and around, revisit old memories and look forward to their next ride. Learn how it works all around the globe. How about here?

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